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Ashley and Ashley Designs The Future 

Once upon a time, I was working for a corporate restaurant as a server/waitress where my work ethics originally began. For years, learned all about the hospitality industry. From BOH, team work, hospitality service and food. After 4 years, decided to transition from being an employee into a freelancer for Special Events, Catering, Interior Design and the Film industry.  Along the way, pursuing an education in Interior Design. To get me through college,  freelancing was the way to go for me in order to manage and balance school. While navigating life and different work industries, more than anything I was learning and growing along the way. It takes someone to be 100% hands on , to learn how it all works from start to finish. Fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from many different people and well established companies in a variety of industries over the years . Prior to the pandemic, and est ADTF, 5 years were spent working for USC Graduations, Private Parties, Brand Events, out of town gigs, and too many weddings to count. Flash forward to now, 7 years later, the pandemic made its way around the world and the entertainment industry, like many, found myself affected with work by the pandemic!

With all the downtime in my life at the time,

I decided to invest in myself , in perusing what I love to do and work at best. All of my previous work and jobs have molded me into what is now


A Boutique Company with Unique Event Rentals and Floristry .

As a Designer, I wanted to create a collection of rich fabrics, have a inventory that is one of a kind, furniture with history and be able to create and design events all at the same time . My goal here is for the company to be a one stop shop.

The company is off to a great start considering the fact, it established during a pandemic early 2021. In 2022 , a service of Floristry has been added to the company . Table Styling and decorating is a service also available for any event big or small. Planning , Designing, Event Management are services available for your special day or next event!

Big on team and over the years and through my experience there are different companies in which have built up to be my preferred vendor/company contact list. 

Some of those contacts include:

-Graphics for decals & vinyl's 


- Event Managers 

- Coordinators 



- Chefs 

-Fabricator & Builders 


The warehouse is located in Los Angeles County and the office is in the OC. Anything can be designed, built , fabricated and executed! A perfect example of Designing, planning in which also included ADTF Rentals is "Miami Sweets", a 12 room Candy Pop Up & Experience. Everything for Miami Sweets was designed, fabricated and built in California. The company's rentals for the 3 month Candy Pop Up was inside the Aventura Mall in Aventura, Florida.

Huge shout out to "California Craftsmen ", my favorite team and builders because they handle ADTF custom builds , such as backdrop walls, sets and so much more. As I mentioned at the top of this paragraph , big on team and a believer that teamwork makes the dream work!

Inquiries, collaborations and further information, please contact us below for more details and info.

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